Kiril | 19 | she/her

My name's Kiril and I'm a hobbyist illustrator.

All used artwork on this website is made by me
© Kiroria / Kir0ria. All rights reserved.

Commission Info

If you'd like a rather random and cheap drawing of your character consider donating to my ko-fi!

25+ €

25+ €

35-60 €

20-30 €

-Reference sheet-
50+ €

-Customs / MYO designs-
45+ €

(add a few details/moodboard or make it random)

10+ €

(Price is very flexible and has no limit)

Additional costs:
+ every additional character : x2 the price
Price will get higher if your character is very complex
and/ or if you'd like things added


What kind of commission: (Fullbody,Halfbody etc)
Reference of Character: (insert link or image here)
additional character: (insert reference or blank)
additional info: (pose/expression/moodboard/things to keep in mind abt your oc)

If you're interested in a commission please contact me on any social media (Instagram and Discord prefered)!

All used artwork on this website is made by me
© Kiroria / Kir0ria. All rights reserved.

Terms of Service

By commissioning me/ buying an adopt by me, you aggree to and accept my Terms of service

I advise to reread my TOS before odering a commission by me as I add/change/rephrase things regularly to keep it updated.


• I can decline any commission I don't want to work on.(whether that's due to the user, character or something else)
• You must be 18+ to commission me or have explicit permission by your legal guardian to spend money if you are younger
• You must be able to pay within 24 hours after I accept your offer
• Payment plans must be mentioned right when offering
• I won't refund any finished commission. Please look at my refund policy for more information.
• I am free to use any art that I created to promote myself. This doesn't mean I own the character/design, but I will claim the artwork as my own and use it as promotion material.
( Will not sell the artwork further as in merch etc but will use it to advertise my commissions etc. Please tell me beforehand if you're not ok with that)
• I will only send you wips if you message me and ask me to beforehand
• my art is never allowed to be reposted. exception is toyhouse. [ which you should credit me PROPERLY. ]
• You have to ask me yourself if you'd like a hd version of your adopt/ commission etc
• After the initial sketch has been approved I will not change anything regarding the pose/character unless asked for beforehand (exeption is if I got something wrong with the actual character design)
• None of my art wether commission/trade/gift or personal art I made will ever be allowed to be sold for NFT!
I do not support NFT sellings and never will
• I reserve the rights to use commissioned work in portfolios, as commission examples, etc

• The commissioner may not
---claim the art to be made by them or someone other than me,
---use it in their portfolio/ commission sheet etc. ,
---modify/ edit the commission in any way,
---post the commissioned piece anywhere without ptoper credit to any of my social media

• Never Repost my art unless it's for your characters TH or -> only allowed if credit to me is given!
NEVER remove my watermark!
• edit my work in any way
• Heavily reference or copy my work
• Please do not use my artwork for commercial use. if you want to make something like pins/youtube video/etc please let me know and we will discuss it.


• Do not reupload the original image by me exept on TH or your stash and only with proper credit! (My Th is Kiroria)
+ Mention me as the creator and artist when uploading the original image by me
• You can change the design as much as you like BUT Don't make changes on my artwork of the design!
• You don't have to ask me for permission to trade/sell/gift the adopt
• If you cancel your custom I am free to sell the started design without making any changes to the design
• None of my art/ designs wether commission/trade/gift or personal art I made will ever be allowed to be sold for/through NFT!
I do not support NFT sellings and never will

• edit your comment when buying or bidding -> I'll automatically disqualify you from buying the adopt and will blacklist you after multiple instances
+ the same goes for hiding you comment
• heavily reference from any of my designs
• Don't make any changes on my artwork of the design (as stated before)


• If you have not received an update on your commission after 14 days from when you commissioned, please note me and we can discuss it.

• depending on the state of the commission and the originally desired finishing grade the refund will be different and will have to be discussed
example for a refund for a shaded commission:
-----not started = 100% of price
-----sketch = 50% of price
-----lineart = 25% of price
-----color = none
-----shading/full = none

If you should ever refund a commission without talking to me beforehand I will ban and block you without warning and publicly call you out for doing so to warn others!
If you really require a refund just note/dm me and we can talk about it

With a refund you won't be able to ask me to finish the commission later!
And if the commission was a custom design you will not get the started design and I am free to finish and sell it without having to change your idea of the design!

I will not be handing out refunds or partial refunds for commissions that have been finished for over two weeks and haven't been approved by you.


• I am free to Blacklist you from of my commissions if I feel uncomfortable with you, you have canceled a started commission, you have been unreasonably rude to me or any other reason.
I am not obliged to let you know that you are blacklisted and will not send you an extra message letting you know if I don't want to.
I will not make a public blacklist but I might warn friends in private if I feel like the blacklisted person could be a danger to them or their business.

How I operate

• First if you are interested in a commission by me message me on any of my social media with info on who/what you'd like me to draw and in what style you'd like it to be. Please mention as soon as possible if you can only pay around a certain timeframe or if I need to finish the commission at a certain date.
• If I feel like I can draw your character the way you want I will accept your commission and give you the option to either pay upfront or after the sketch has been made by me and approved by you. A possible 50/50 payment can be discussed for commissiones over 50 euros
• After the sketch has been approved by you and I have recieved the payment I will not send any other WIPs unless asked by you directly!
• If you haven't asked for any WIPs I will keep working on the commission until I have completely finished it and will only then send it to you again. I will give you the option to ask for any minor changes or fixes or mistakes I might have made and these will be free. Major changes will cost extra.
• If everything is alright that will conclude my work on the commission!^^ If you have any fixes more than 24 hours after conclusion of the commission that you'd like me to make it will either cost you extra or I can decline making those changes. I will not give a refund if you'd like me to change anything after the commission has been approved by you but I decline to make those changes.

[!!!]Please make sure to approve the commission after I send the finished version to you! After one week of no reply I will automatically assume it is approved and will no longer accept free changes of the commission.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you have a To-do list to see what you're working on right now?
A: Yes I do! You can find it here

Q: What currency do you take?
A: I only accept Paypal (in Euros only).

Q: What do you use to draw?
A: I use csp pro and as a drawingtablet I use the Huion NEW 1060 Plus.

Q: Can I be added to your commission pinglist?
A: If you're interested please contact me and let me know that you want to be contacted once they open. Tho I can't guarantee that I'll ping/message you as I might simply forget.

Q: Can I copy/trace/heavily reference your art and/or characters/designs?
A: No. Under no circumstances will I allow anybody to do so. If I find out you traced, copied and/or stole any of my characters, designs or art you will be blocked and blacklisted without a second thought

Q: Can I use your art/poses/characters for reference purposes?
A: Yes as long as they aren't commissions. But please keep in mind that my art is not perfect and if you're taking inspiration/ references from my art please tag/mention me in your art! I don't want to hunt you down just want to know who uses my art as reference.