Kirill | 18+ | she/her

My name's Kirill and I'm a hobbyist illustrator.
I love drawing cute and pink characters. („• ᴗ •„)

All used artwork on this website is
made by me Kiroria / Kiroria_

Commission Info

Commissions are currently CLOSED

25+ €

+ Wiggle is 15+ €
+ Animation 25+ €
Wiggle and Animation examples in last two images

-Sketchy Bust-
30+ €

a halfbody/bust of your character. Shaded and rendered
Can include props

40-70 €

a fullbody of your character. Clean Lined, shaded and rendered
Can include props

25-35 €

a fullbody chibi of your character.
Clean lined shaded and rendered
Can include props

can draw up to 4 characters together

-Crayon Chibi-
20 €

a fullbody chibi of your character.
Crayon like brush and drawn with a mouse so these aren't as clean as regular chibis.
Won't send wips of these

max 2 characters per drawing

-Reference sheet-
80+ €

Includes at least one Fullbody, colourpalette, Name + Info of the character and a chibi headshot or paw/ eye reference
only drawing characters I feel inspired by

-Customs / MYO designs-
60+ €

You can include moodboard, inspirations, clothes, colour palette, etc
Basically anything you like!

15+ €

Price widely changes depending on complexity and detail. Includes:
• Item drawings

Additional costs:

+ every additional character : + the og pricePrice will get higher if your character is very complex
and/ or if you'd like things added


**Username: **
**What kind of commission: **(Fullbody,Halfbody etc)
**Reference of Character: **(insert link or image here)
additional character: (if applicabel insert reference or blank)
additional info: (pose/expression/moodboard/things to keep in mind abt your oc)

If you're interested in a commission please contact
me on any social media (Twitter, Instagram and prefered)!

All used artwork on this website is
made by me Kiroria / Kiroria_

T.O.S. and FAQ

By commissioning me/ obtaining an adopt by me, you aggree to and accept my Terms of serviceReread my TOS before odering a commission
from me as I add/change/rephrase things regularly to keep it updated.
I am a digital artist, meaning that you will not receive any physical goods
All of my art is for private use only
As the artist, I still own full rights to my artwork
You may not edit/copy/trace or remove my signature. Minor edits can be made if I have confirmed that I am okay with it
You are not allowed to mint my art as an NFT.


The commissioner must/may:
- be 18+ to commission me (paypal rules)
- Full payment must be sent before I start the commission or after I have finished and send you the sketch
- You must be able to pay within 24 hours after I ask for payment
- Repost my Artwork for them on a site to safe the characters gallery ( DeviantArt etc) only with proper and working credit to me
- Use my art as an icon, a banner, decoration, background, as a badge or print it out for themself as long as proper credit is given. (I do not allow comercial use of my artwork)
The commissioner may not:
- demand a refund for a finished commission
- repost my Artwork without proper credit to me as artist
- ask for major changes in the commissioned characters pose/ expression/ look after the initial sketch has been approved (exeption is if I got something wrong with the actual character design/ colours/ outfit)
- claim the art to be made by them or anyone other than me
- use it in their portfolio/ commission sheet etc.
- change/modify my art in any way (exept for icon cropping)
- remove my Watermark under any circumstances!
- use my Artwork for comercial use or to represent anything hateful/ racist/ sexist/ etc.
- ever sell or incoorporate my art into NFTs! I do not associate with the NFT community whatsoever and am not alright with any of my art being sold further through NFTs or similar! This includes all commissions, giftart, trades and any other art I may ever make. If you find my art being incoorporated/sold in NFTs that is not happening with my permission.
• I can decline any commission for whichever reason
• I am free to use any art that I created to promote myself. This doesn't mean I own the character/design, but I will claim the artwork as my own and use it as promotion material.
( Will not sell the artwork further as in merch etc but will use it to advertise my commissions. If you don't want this let me know and I will not use your commission.)
• I will only send you wips if you message me and ask me to beforehand
• None of my art wether commission/trade/gift or personal art I made will ever be allowed to be sold for NFT!I do not support NFT sellings and never will
• Please do not use my artwork for commercial use. if you want to make something like pins/youtube video/etc please let me know and we will discuss it.
• I will never under any circumstance 'take back' a commission or custom design that I made for you.

If you have any issues please message me. I can do refunds, but the amount I refund will depend on how far I've gotten for your commissionYour commission may take anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. I will send you the sketch once I am done with it. Please let me know if you would like updates at any other stages
Any edits may be done at sketching/lineart phase, past that I will only do minor edits for free and any bigger edits will cost extra

Custom Designs

The commissioner may:
- Reupload the Image of the design I drew with proper and functioning credit to me as artist and creator
- Change the design I made as much/often as they like; however not change the drawing I made
- Sell/Trade/Gift the design for whatever they like without greatly overstepping the characters Value
- Transfer the character to have AU verions in diffeerent open/closed species. In such case all designs should be permanently locked together
The commissioner may not:
- Claim a concept/design I created for them in a canceled or refunded commission
- remove credit to me as a designer even after redesigning the design I originally made. You may add other designer credits incase of redesigning them but I still deserve credit for making the original design
- Remove credit from my Artwork of the design
- Make any changes to my original Artwork
• If you cancel your custom I am free to sell the started design without making any changes to the design
• I will hold a finished custom design for up to max 2 weeks for payment. If the customer by then hasn't responded to any of my messages or send the payment I will resell the finished custom design to someone else. The customer will be notified of the deadline and given multiple reminders for the payment and of this rule.
• Don't edit your comment when buying or bidding -> I'll automatically disqualify you from buying the adopt and will blacklist you after multiple instances
+ the same goes for hiding you comment/offer
• Don't heavily reference from any of my designs


Finished commissions/customs will not be granted a refund for whatever reason.If I have not updated or finished your commission in the past 2 weeks you may ask me for a refund.
Do not just issue a refund through paypal but message me and I will sort your refund out with you. If you issue a paypal refund for any finished commission of mine(/ any commission you already have recieved a refund for) I will blacklist you and publicly call you out to warn others.
Incase of a refund you will be allowed to keep the commission in it's current completion state but you may not ask/commission another artist to finish my work.
The only exeption is for custom designs. If a custom design commission is canceled by you, you will get a full refund but do not get to keep the design or any WIPs I have sent you. I may finish the design to my liking and sell or trade it off if I wish to do so.
These are my standard refund rates depending on the state your commission is in.
• depending on the state of the commission and the originally desired finishing grade the refund will be different and will have to be discussed
[These specific rates are an example for a fully rendered and shaded commission]
• not started: full refund
• clean sketch done: 60% refund
• lineart done: 30% refund
• colouring done: no refund
• shading and/or rendering done: no refund


• I am free to Blacklist you from of my commissions if
-> I feel uncomfortable with you,
-> you have canceled a started commission,
-> you have been unreasonably rude to me or someone I know
-> you have broken any of my rules
-> or any other reason.
I am not obliged to let you know that you are blacklisted and will not send you an extra message letting you know if I don't want to.I will not make a public blacklist but I might warn friends in private if I feel like the blacklisted person could be a danger to them or their business. Exceptions might be made if I genuinely feel like the user Blacklisted is a significant danger to the community as a whole.


Q: Can I add value to gift art you made for my character?
A: No! If I made gift art for you (or the previous owner), that piece of art has no value. Exeptions may be made with friends in absolute emergency situations.
Q: What currency do you take?
A: I only accept Paypal (in Euros only).
Q: Can I be added to your commission pinglist?
A: If you're interested please contact me and let me know that you want to be contacted once they open. Tho I can't guarantee that I'll ping/message you as I might simply forget.
Q: Can I use your art/poses/characters for reference purposes?
A: Yes as long as they aren't commissions as the owners of those characters might be uncomfortable with it. But please keep in mind that my art is not perfect and if you're taking inspiration/ references from my art please tag/mention me in your piece! I don't want to hunt you down just want to know who uses my art as reference and share my appreciation.
Q: Will you ever participate in/ sell/ advertise your art in NFT?
A: No. I will never associate or participate in any kind of NFT. If you see my art anywhere sold as NFT it is not me putting it up there! Additionally I do not allow my art to be used in/ resold as NFT!
Q: I have a question that's not listed here. Where can I contact you?
A: If you have any further questions feel free to direct message me on any of my social media linked on the bottom of the page.

All used artwork on this website is
made by me Kiroria / Kiroria_

Art examples

General Art examples
More specific art examples can be found under my commission info.

Custom Design/Adopt examples

Animated + PNG Tuber examples

All used artwork on this website is
made by me Kiroria / kiroria_